Irish Biltong

We are proud to be bringing an exciting gourmet food product to market!

What is Biltong ?

irish-style-biltong Biltong is a traditional South African gourmet beef snack. Dating back over 400 years, this beef speciality is based on a process of air drying, curing, and natural seasoning and spices. The thick cured chunks of beef are then thinly sliced for that perfect beef snack.

Biltong can be eaten on its own, or imaginatively used in various dishes (in thin slices, roughly crumbed or even ground) such as salads, soups, various beef dishes – even bread ! As a preserved meat, biltong can  be stored for a long time – especially in the freezer.

Haynestown are drying, curing and  seasoning 100% Irish premium beef on-site in our facility in Naas, County Kildare – resulting in a unique Irish style biltong.

NOT to be confused with American beef style beef jerky, Biltong is a great tasting new sensation that is sugar free and completely natural, with great nutritional value.

We now also have NEW CHILLI FLAVOUR BILTONG available for sale. See below for details and prices. Thank you. We can also package the product to your own specification, just call us and talk to us.

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Nutritional Benefits

Not only does Biltong taste great, but it has nutritional benefits too ! It has high protein content (69.9%), and is proving very popular with sports and fitness circles. Low in calories and fat, if you are keen on keeping fit and eating healthy, then this is the perfect snack.


Nutritional Breakdown

Protein – 69.9g/100g
Carbohydrate % – 2.8%
Energy Value (food) % – 1011 Kj per 100g
Fat % – 4.9% (of which 2.4g is saturates)


Biltong for Physical Fitness

While we don’t often think of snack foods as being part of a healthy diet, biltong is a very important exception. The high-quality biltong is made from the very best cuts of beef. With very little fat and no artificial preservatives, our quality biltong is a great addition to a low-carb diet, or any diet which involves working out on a regular basis.


Stamina During Workouts

Even if you’re not doing much heavy lifting, your workouts will still benefit from a little extra protein. This low-calorie source of energy gives you the boost you need to keep going through long cardio routines. Whether you follow exercise DVD’s in your living room or go on long nature hikes to keep your heart healthy and strong, biltong can give you the protein you need to maintain your energy.


Protein Builds Muscles

If you’re undertaking any type of exercise regimen with the goal to build muscle, you probably already know the importance of taking in enough protein. Protein gives your body the building blocks to build muscle, without taking any from other parts of the body. Individuals who work out intensely or lift weights need a great deal more protein than others, in order to get the best results from their workouts. Our high quality biltong  is an excellent source of protein for this purpose.



In the fitness world, meat itself sometimes gets a bad reputation. This is often due to the way people cook it. Biltong, however, gives you all the nutritional benefits of meat with very few of the negative aspects. You get all the protein and nutrients found in all meat products. While vegetarians and vegans can get all the protein their bodies need through a plant-based diet, it often involves complicated recipes and keeping careful track of their diets. Delicious and nutritious, biltong deserves a place in every healthy diet as a snack or a quick meal on the go.


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We can also package the product to your own specification, just call us and talk to us.

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Irish Biltong Original Flavour